Let's make Africa a beautiful place to live

Africa is full of resources and full of beautifl people but terrible system that will not let its people enjoy. We shall work to improve the system that will improve their living standard.

Keynote Talks

The competetion of big countries should not be considered as national interest as powerful countries exploiting people abroad is not serving the interest of any civilian (in the west or east). Our mission is to stop proxy wars in Africa. For Africans to be considered equal to other people in the world. All people are equal.


Powerful countries are being run by lobbyists that are funded by fortune companies that are trying to dominate the market. While these companies are claiming to give service to the world, they are exploiting people in poor countries (especially countries in Africa). They do these pretending to give service to citizens in poor countries but in the meantime arming militias and rebel groups to abuse people. Our mission is to create awareness that all people are equal.

Other issues

The impact of hate speech is severe.

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