Our Mission

Our mission is simply to stop wars in Africa

Our mission is to promote pan-africanism and for africans to live together and promote coexistence.


The competetion of big countries should not be considered as national interest as powerful countries exploiting people abroad is not serving the interest of any civilian (in the west or east). Our mission is to stop proxy wars in Africa. For Africans to be considered equal to other people in the world. All people are equal.


Powerful countries are being run by lobbyists that are funded by fortune companies that are trying to dominate the market. While these companies are claiming to give service to the world, they are exploiting people in poor countries (especially countries in Africa). They do these pretending to give service to citizens in poor countries but in the meantime arming militias and rebel groups to abuse people. Our mission is to create awareness that all people are equal

Other factors

The impact of hate speech,

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To keep wildlife existence

I am because we are. This does not only apply for human beings but also for animals. Animals in Africa are African citizens. They should not be killed as by trophy hunters. Animals rights should be respected all over the world.

To make education for all

Education is key for Africa to get out from the current crazy circle. Educated children are the most important assets to Africa. "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!" Nelson Mandela

To help grow coming birth

Kids need opportunity not suffering. Child soldiers should not be allowed. Children should not be forced to go to war zone. Children should go to school. Per ICRC, UN, unicef, Red Cross and CRS, "Recruiting and using children under the age of 15 as soldiers is prohibited under international humanitarian law."

To make the planet lively

#NoMore War.

To save the Rain Water

Water is key for existence.

To make Forests Greener

Save Africa from becoming desert.

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